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New features

and fixed bugs



  • Possibility of importing the mainpipe to DXF files
  • Fixed survey issue for Google Maps console
  • Fixed exporting issue for footer and shift map
  • Database update for Netafim
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.8.0 

  • Create/save/open block composed of any database item
  • Create/save/open the pump and how it works
  • Automatic sizing of pipeline labels in exported documents
  • Automatic footer sizing and placement
  • Length indication during pipeline drawing
  • Shift map update
  • Updated Medium and Bigfarm license operating limits
  • The IrriPro software database has been distinguished from the one contained in IrriRT
  • Updated the database with new products from the Netafim and Pipelife catalogue
  • Fixed map loading issue in Google Maps built-in console
  • Fixed bug in MAC version in navigation with scrolling in Google Maps console
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.7.2 

  • New diameter and length label for the pipes shown in the exported files (PDF and DXF)
  • Database update for Pipelife, Azud and other brands
  • Improved function of adding new products in the database
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.7.0 

  • New closed networks for sector plants
  • New type of pipes to make closed rings or networks
  • New version for MAC
  • New "no-watering area" feature where pipes will not cross
  • Possibility of the submain to have more branches
  • Updated Google Maps survey console
  • New cumulative report (of the whole system) of hydraulic calculations (complete with head losses, speed and lengths)
  • Exportable bill of materials for single sector
  • Possibility to modify the range of the device by 25%
  • Consideration of the borders of terrains as "no watering area" for main and secondary pipes
  • Ability to change the footer and legend size
  • New Pipelife database
  • Netafim database update
  • Correction of the calculation of the pump-system duty point in the case of using pressure adapters
  • Correction of automatic calculation in case of pump use
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.6.0 

  • Insertion and management of accessories/fittings for the emitter device
  • Possibility to save the configuration of fittings / accessories of emitter
  • Configuration amount of fittings / accessories emitter in the bill of material
  • PDF import into the workspace (as a new layer)
  • Improved the import of high resolution images
  • New tooltip with continuous (side) and localized (node) pressure head loss, elevation than the ground, nominal and calculated range
  • New report with head loss, speed and cumulative length
  • Selection influence area according to the zoom level
  • Updated Rivulis and Netafim database
  • New footer with the header of the project that can be exported with the drawings
  • Footer position editable by the user
  • Faster saving speed
  • New discretization levels (very high / extreme levels)
  • Google survey optimized
  • Introduced the German language
  • Bug fixing


IRRIPRO V.4.5.1  

  • New importation of raster images (JPG, BMP, PNG formats, etc.)
  • Possibility to manage the imported image (scale, transparency, rotation, moving)
  • Improved the vector image export to PDF and DXF format
  • Fixing of pipe sizing bug through Wizard
  • Bug fixing


IRRIPRO V.4.5.0 

  • Possibility of introducing pump / pump station
  • New system curve (for single or all shifts) and pump curve
  • Calculation of duty point
  • Updated automatic drawing for better alignment (Sprinklers)
  • Improved filling of the elements inside the terrains (Sprinklers)
  • Improved overlap between the devices (Sprinklers)
  • Possibility to introduce more images and CAD files directly into the work area
  • New layer management for more images and imported CAD files , to modify transparency, moving and rotation
  • Possibility to overlay and scale more images and CAD drawings  (vectorial and raster files)
  • New Romanian language
  • Database update(Irritrol)
  • Bug fixing


IRRIPRO V.4.1.6 

  • Updated Hunter catalog
  • Updated Rivulis catalog
  • Improved coverage algorithm for sprinklers / popups
  • Improved algorithm for the design of symmetric networks
  • New automatic management for "view all" and zooming tools
  • Improved coverage in the case of discretization
  • Improved area division algorithm
  • Improved pipe sizing for sprinklers / popups after Smart Wizard
  • Fixed bug about valves and label duplication on laterals and shift management
  • Fixed bug about saving file during application closing
  • Bug fixing


IRRIPRO V.4.1.5   

  • New cumulative selection: simply use the SHIFT key to add new elements to the existing selection and ESC (from menu or keyboard) to exit the selection
  • New (automatic) pre-sizing of the main pipe after completing the wizard
  • Improved sizing by selection and by type of pipe (with preset speed values)
  • Deep optimization for cancellation, zooming and pan functions
  • New automatic management of view all and zooming
  • Improved connection to the sector in automatic design
  • Improved DXF import and contour lines processing
  • Improved zoom selection
  • Improved shift management
  • Simplified source data in the results report
  • Fixed problem of loading of KMZ and KML files
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.1.3 

  • Digital signature of the software that solves certification issues with Windows 10
  • New pipe sizing (choice of diameters according to the current hydraulic conditions) for each category of pipes or selected edges. Function based on modifiable speed values
  • Telescopic making with the possibility to set up to 5 different diameters. Function available for each category of pipes or selected edges
  • Updated pre-sizing algorithm (automatic calculation of diameters according to the nominal values of the emitters and to the geometrical, hydraulic and topographical conditions of the network)
  • Automatic pre-sizing during the drawing of the network
  • Pan with central mouse button
  • Automatic (and selectable) insertion of valves, filters and pressure adapters for each sector
  • Add new Rivulis catalogue
  • Complete catalogue of Vyrsa
  • Fixed bug in the Google Maps console
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.4.0.0   

  • SMART WIZARD: multiple making of more sectors in the same assignment operation (no need to declare in advance the number of sectors to draw)
  • Automatic design of all sectors within multiple edges of terrain including pipes, fittings and valves for shift management
  • Automatic selection of the supply nodes from the main pipeline to the sectors according to criteria of elevation and proximity
  • Possibility to supply the sectors centrally or at one end of the submain with option selectable from Wizard
  • New option for the central link to symmetric distribution
  • Shift management through a dedicated window for adding / changing / deleting each valve involved
  • Automatic generation of one shift for each sector
  • Hydraulic calculation for single shift
  • Cumulative hydraulic calculation of all shifts sequentially
  • Overall thematic map (which shows the uniformity results of all the shifts in one view)
  • Shifts map with coloration of the sectors by belonging to each shift
  • Bug fixed: zooming via mouse wheel, contemporary to the design of the pipes and the ground edges
  • Fixing further bugs


The solution for any need

IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.


IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


The irrigation software IrriPro is the only tool that optimizes the use of water and improves the distribution uniformity, increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers. Moreover IrriPro reduces the system realization costs, improving quantity and quality of agricultural production.