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New IrriPro 4.5.1

  • 31 Jan

Here is the new IrriPro 4.5.1 with one of the most requested features on the market: identification and design of the pump or pump system necessary for the plant. Besides there is a new management of the layers and the importation of the images.


Once the system has been defined, IrriPro allows to know all the data to identify the most suitable pump in a catalog. 

IrriPro is also able to consider:
- how a pump and a system work together with maximum precision
- verify that both are in the most efficient operating conditions or in any case within acceptable conditions
- possibility to evaluate an existing pump and what improvements would be made by replacing it with another one
- possibility to modify parts of the irrigation system and assess whether a pump continues to be adequate or needs to be replaced
New graph representing how the irrigation system and the pump work together. Precise calculation of the duty point (pressure and flow rate values) given by the intersection of the plant curve (for single or all shifts) and the pump curve
IrriPro allows the user to easily overlay, scale and align, through transparency management, raster images (JPG, BMP, PNG, etc. formats), vectorial, CAD (in DXF format). Since each content is placed on a different layer, the user can decide which layer to activate and which to hide and which to export to other files
Updated the automatic network design (for sprinklers / pop-ups / mini-sprinklers) that allows to improve the alignment of the elements placed between neighboring sectors, to improve the coverage of the elements within each sector and avoid the overlap between the appliances.
We continue to update the database with new items and new brands, also thanks to the contribution of our partners.

The update to the new version will take place automatically from previous versions for versions with active license and for freeware. Open IrriPro and discover the availability of the update. If you meet any issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that from the download area you can download the Freeware version, which, once activated, will use the license purchased.