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New features

and fixed bugs




  • Improved algorithm for automatic positioning and linking of popups
  • New diameter and length label for the pipes shown in the exported files (PDF and DXF)
  • Improved algorithm of the "connect emitters" feature
  • Database update for Pipelife, Azud and other brands
  • Improved function of adding new products in the database
  • Bug fixing

IRRIRT V.1.2.0 

  • New closed networks for sector plants
  • New type of pipes to make closed rings or networks
  • New version for MAC
  • Possibility of the submain to have more branches
  • Updated Google Maps survey console
  • Improved choice criterion for range device
  • Improved positioning algorithm for emitters
  • New Pipelife database
  • Netafim database update
  • Correction of pump calculation
  • Bug fixing

IRRIRT V.1.1.0

  • Flow rate unit of measure in L / min instead of mc / h
  • New feature for automatic connection of selected devices
  • Possibility to modify the range of the device by 25%
  • Improved devices distribution for higher coverage
  • Ability to change the footer and legend size
  • Ability to enter the drop online
  • Exportable bill of materials for single sector
  • New cumulative hydraulic calculations report
  • Bug fixing