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Agreement with Plast Project

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  • 28 Jan

Plast Project, a company at the forefront of agricultural and residential irrigation and micro-irrigation, has reached an agreement for the distribution of IrriPro, the software for the design of irrigation systems produced by Irriworks.

The management of both companies express their proud satisfaction with the agreement that will allow distributors and industry professionals to have at hand a modern and unique in its kind tool.

The agreement will bring the two companies in 2014 to present on the market jointly developed products.

The solution for any need

IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.


IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


The irrigation software IrriPro is the only tool that optimizes the use of water and improves the distribution uniformity, increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers. Moreover IrriPro reduces the system realization costs, improving quantity and quality of agricultural production.