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Irriworks introduces the new software 
IrriRT dedicated to the design of irrigation systems for landscaping, gardening, residential, turf and parks.

IrriRT inherits most of IrriPro's importing, evaluating and processing tools, adding specific features for green areas and an intelligent and advanced algorithm for automatic drawing of pipes and positioning of emitter devices. This makes the software very easy to use, quick to create any project while maintaining all the necessary criteria to obtain professional results.

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IrriPro is the only irrigation software that allows you to design by drawing the elements thanks to the INDO technology (on Object) developed by Irriworks. Watch the video for seeing the great potential of this tool.

Irrigation system design: the irrigation software.


The most advanced software for irrigation on the market today are not very accessible to the general public, constituted by the majority of technicians who deal with the design of irrigation systems. Most of the time these are excessively expensive, with an interface very complicated and difficult to use. They typically have a laborious input handling, and provide impractical results in real installation management of the irrigation system. The majority of irrigation software study the approximate solution: considering only the equations of continuity and motion and not the third equation that characterizes the operation of the emitters. Moreover, these applications calculate only the continuous head losses (due to friction of the fluid against the walls of the pipes and which determine variations of pressure along the various constituent parts of the plant) and do not consider the localized head losses (which strongly affect the pressure variations along the laterals) determined by the presence of numerous emitters that cause continuous enlargements and constrictions of the passage section of the water.
software generici.jpg
Another component which is neglected is the kinetic energy possessed by the fluid in motion, which entails, especially when the flow rates conveyed in the pipes are high, the simplifications which further increase the level of approximation of the results. Still in the case of these software for irrigation the calculation is made by isolating the branch of pipe that we want to calculate from the rest of the irrigation network (which is not counted in its entirety), and then neglecting inopportunely the mutual interactions between the various parts of the irrigation network. The adoption of a series of simplifying assumptions determine substantive differences between the magnitudes (in terms of pressure and flow) calculated in the design stage and those obtained in the field during the functioning of the plant, resulting in obvious repercussions on the uniformity of the flow delivered and then the qualitative and quantitative yield of agricultural crops. The design software for irrigation systems currently on the market only allow the calculation of irrigation networks with a very limited number of nodes. In many applications, the convergence criteria used are based on the minimum cost and this does not ensure the uniformity of distribution of water. They use the equation of motion by imposing speed and do not consider the characteristic equation (which shows the characteristics of the used emitter). The criterion of the speed used often is based on the hypothesis not true that the speed remains constant throughout the development of the laterals and in all the pipes of the irrigation system, while in reality it is greatly variable along the direction in which moves the water, from a maximum value of a few meters per second to zero. The results of this approach are then approximated. Ultimately all these instruments involve various problems and limitations:
  • The risk of incorrect results;
  • Higher costs and waste: we often tend to oversize for safety reasons, parts of a plant and the use of water resources is not efficient;
  • Agricultural production limited by the unoptimized irrigation factor;
  • Legal arguments, often occurring between the farm where it is installed the irrigation system and the professional or the company that operates the installation.

Google Maps/Earth

In IrriPro the elements of a irrigation system, such as emitters and pipes contain hydraulic, physic and geometric characteristics and the terrain has GIS infos obtained by Google Maps/Google Earth.


Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology, which has achieved some international awards, it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of irrigation system.


Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology, which has achieved some international awards, it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of irrigation system.




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