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IrriPro is the only irrigation software that allows you to design by drawing the elements thanks to the INDO technology (on Object) developed by Irriworks. Watch the video for seeing the great potential of this tool.

The agriculture is the sector which uses the water resources of a country mostly (more than 70% in Italy).

Irrigation is the most important factor in agriculture because it ensures the greatest increase in quantity and quality in production, more of the same treatments adopted for the soil and plants. The design is the key to obtain an efficient irrigation system and maximize the productivity of the harvest.
The micro and sprinkler irrigation are the most spread technics of irrigation. Particularly the microirrigation is able to reach the greatest benefits in terms of efficiency, water saving and agricultural productivity.
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But this advanced technique has an Achilles' tendon: it needs careful and rigorous design for irrigation systems. In order to obtain the maximum benefit for irrigation, it’s absolutely necessary that the water reaches the plants uniformly. Today, too often, the irrigation systems have low quality and this brings the following consequences:

  • excess of water and fertilizers in some parts and lack in other ones
  • various growth conditions of crop, different for size, maturation and quality of fruits (with issues for harvesting)
  • under or over sizing of pipes.

Google Maps/Earth

In IrriPro the elements of a irrigation system, such as emitters and pipes contain hydraulic, physic and geometric characteristics and the terrain has GIS infos obtained by Google Maps/Google Earth.


Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology, which has achieved some international awards, it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of irrigation system.
How many fingers are in a hand?
The design commit you occasionally or for short periods? Choose the ON-DEMAND only for the time you need.

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