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IrriPro is the only irrigation software that allows you to design by drawing the elements thanks to the INDO technology (on Object) developed by Irriworks. Watch the video for seeing the great potential of this tool.
  • 30 Nov

The new Aqua-Plan software is now available, developed in cooperation with Plastic Puglia, a leading company in the production of polyethylene and dripline pipes.

Aqua-Plan was introduced for the first time during Agritechnica 2017 fair at the Plastic Puglia stand.

Plastic Puglia, with its experience of 50 years of production and Irriworks, with its advanced technologies, have joined forces to create Aqua-Plan, the innovative tool for designing irrigation systems.

For more info about Aqua-Plan product

For more info about Plastic Puglia

In addition to the shared development of Aqua-Plan, Irriworks and Plastic Puglia are also committed to offer to their customers a design service everywhere in the world
, offering together consulting and supply for a complete and safe solution.

Google Maps/Earth

In IrriPro the elements of a irrigation system, such as emitters and pipes contain hydraulic, physic and geometric characteristics and the terrain has GIS infos obtained by Google Maps/Google Earth.


Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology, which has achieved some international awards, it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of irrigation system.
How many fingers are in a hand?
The design commit you occasionally or for short periods? Choose the ON-DEMAND only for the time you need.

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