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Landscaping and urban design



Irriworks is at your disposal to provide you with high-level design services and advanced tools for irrigation systems and networks. Our team of hydraulic engineers and highly specialized irrigation professionals can provide you with all the technical support and information necessary to design or verify any system.

Thanks to our expertise and to IrriPro software, we can know with precision the behaviour of the system before it is installed. In Irriworks we deal with green space service facilities in urban and extra-urban areas, from vertical gardens to multilevel structures. After the phase of acquisition of the plans, of the architectural plans and of the already planned systems, we analyze different usage scenarios in order to identify the solution that presents the best performances.



Based on the information received from the client, our team of engineers develops the project according to the required criteria and proposes various briefings for the presentation of the project to share the intermediate results and to plan possible corrections or changes to be made. Our engineering approach allows us to offer a consulting service for plants to be designed in complex conditions and structures, achieving results of maximum efficiency and functionality.


The goal of the service is the best possible customer satisfaction by providing the required documents, facilitating the understanding of the project and providing any support during the construction of the plant, in Italy and abroad.

Some samples of projects already made




As an alternative to consulting, we propose the purchase of IrriPro as a design tool, recommended for all technicians who frequently face the irrigation system project.

Today IrriPro is the most popular software on the market because it represents the easiest program to use and the most reliable support for the technician who wants reliable and rapid results.



Thanks to IrriPro's innovative technology, which has achieved some international awards, it's now possible to calculate all the hydraulic parameters and design correctly and efficiently any kind of irrigation system.