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IrriPro contains within it a huge database that collects more than 9000 items of pipelines, emitters and special pieces divided among various brands including: NaanDAnJain, Netafim, Plastro, Rain Bird, Siplast&Irritec, Dalmine and other ones. With continuous updating and addition of new brands.

immagini erogatori.jpg

For each element of the DB are shown various characteristics, some explicit to the user for an easy identification and other necessary for the project.  For example, for pipes are made explicit brand, model, sizes, pressure ratings, images, costs, and other descriptions from catalogs while for the project are also considered the material of the pipe and the roughness.
So, also for emitters are made explicit to the user the brand, model, diameter, nominal pressure, nominal flow rates, spacing and costs while for the project are also considered K and X of the characteristic curve and the geometric dimensions for the calculation of localized losses. In the window of the DB, using various search criteria, you can filter the material and get detailed descriptions in a dedicated window, available for each item. 
The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market. IrriPro, in fact, needs all the hydraulic and geometric characteristics of the material chosen for the system in order to perform a precise calculation of the hydraulic behavior of the system step by step, and give reliable results.
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In the version without database of IrriPro the user must enter these data manually, increasing the hard work due to the finding of catalogs and the elaboration of them, as well as incurring in possible typing and processing errors.
distinta materiali.png
Another advantage due to the presence of the database is the possibility to bring the material chosen inside the bill of materials: otherwise the bill will be filled with generic entries.  the bill of materials developed inside IrriPro reports for pipelines, emitters and fittings the exact amount of pieces to be used for the construction of the irrigation system. Once the bill of materials is generated, it can be exported and saved in various formats: pdf, rtf, html, xls. In conclusion, with the presence of the database the user doesn't need to consult any catalog for choosing the necessary material or use third-party software for processing the bill.

The solution for any need

IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.

How many fingers are in a hand?
The design commit you occasionally or for short periods? Choose the ON-DEMAND only for the time you need.


IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


The irrigation software IrriPro is the only tool that optimizes the use of water and improves the distribution uniformity, increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers. Moreover IrriPro reduces the system realization costs, improving quantity and quality of agricultural production.

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